Lately, I’ve taken notice of something that irritates me. I see couples doing activities and/or errands together, that seem unnecessary to do together.

For example, I was getting my hair cut, and the couple next to me was consulting with the hair stylist about what highlights to get. The woman was getting the highlights, and her boyfriend seemed to have a lot of input.

This really disturbed me. Must the man be there to decide what highlights she should get?

I’m going to get the highlights I want, and you are going to like it! Or don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m still beautiful, damn it!

I was doing some work at a café and a couple grabbed the table next to me. Firstly, the man had a laptop and seemed completely uninterested in anything the woman had to say. It was also one of those cafes where one side was a padded bench and the other seat was a regular chair. The woman asks if she could have the bench and he completely ignored her.

Yes, that was a dick-move on his part. But, why was the woman there, anyways? He was working, while she just sat there staring out the window. At times she would interlude with comments that was designed to make him jealous. Like… “Oh, he’s texting, asking me where I am now. What if we ran into him, wouldn’t that be weird…”


Of course, there is likely nuance to both situations I am not privy to and could be completely misconstruing.

When I talked to my friend about it, she said she had noticed this phenomenon as well, but she said that this is usually the case with young couples. And yes, both were young couples.

I guess I just see it as a combination of “Get the hell off my back! Don’t you have something better to do” and “Stop trying to control me!”

My friend’s point, really hit home for me. When we get older, (especially the longer we are single), our independence becomes more than a necessity. But when we’re young and in-love, then we want our honeys with us everywhere we go.  Yeah, makes me want to puke too.

I’m torn. I want love, but I am also deathly afraid of losing my independence.

It made me think of an article I read a few years ago. It was about a couple who were married, but lived across the street from each other. At the time, I thought the idea was crazy, but now… It sounds kind of brilliant.

There would need to be complete trust (and no kids involved). But with the right partner, it seems like it could work…


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